LOIRE À VELO / Pedaling on the history of France

Sitting astride your bicycle for a swoop into the history of France is now possible. We have chosen the most spectacular part of the “Loire à Vélo” cycling trail: from Sancerre to Saumur, between vineyards and royal chateaus. Let's hit the road for an awesome ride!
Feature : Patrick Forget


FRANCE / Proust’s Way, one hundred years later...

One hundred years ago, at the author’s expense, Bernard Grasset published a monument of French literature: Swann’s Way. In this first volume of In Search of Lost Times (or Remembrance of Things Past), Proust evokes the vacations of the young Marcel in Illiers-Combray at the home of his Tante Léonie.
Text : Hugues Demeude - Photos : Patrick Forget