Terms and conditions

The online photographs, texts and captions on SagaPhoto.com are in no way free of rights and are considered to be works protected by French and International artistic copyright laws.

The following conditions formally bind the signatories of the present transfer contract, with SagaPhoto.com and their commercial team and the magazine, the editor, or any other buyer of rights, hereafter referred to as “ the client”. The signatories declare to hold the necessary powers of representation.

Unless otherwise specified by SagaPhoto.com’s prior written agreement, the transfer is designed for only one publication in only one language and for only one title whatever the medium may be. Any new edition or transfer to another medium, another title, a database or a third party is prohibited without SagaPhoto.com‘s prior written agreement.

All reproduction and/or representation will be strictly bound to include the signature “© author + SagaPhoto.com”. In the event of omission, the rights of reproduction and/or representation will be automatically doubled, without any possibility of objection on the client’s part.

The photographs from the online stories on SagaPhoto.com cannot be modified in any way without SagaPhoto.com‘s prior written agreement. Only necessary re-centering for mock-ups is permitted.

The client takes full responsibility for any modifications made by his editorial staff on the captions of photographs furnished by SagaPhoto.com. The client accepts full responsibility for the texts and legends produced by his editorial staff. SagaPhoto.com guarantees the client the documents’ origin and authenticity.

The transfer of reproduction and/or representation rights of one or more photos on SagaPhoto.com does not exempt the client from ensuring that the rights of the photographed persons or of the owners of the photographed works be protected. The client must determine whether the use of a photograph needs the consent of a third party or the written consent by SagaPhoto.com. Any publication without written authorization from the person or persons represented, the owners of the objects or works, holds the client and only the client legally responsible. The client recognizes this and is expressly forbidden, in the event of a lawsuit, from calling upon SagaPhoto.com to be answerable.

The client is committed to addressing two issues of all proofs of publication to SagaPhoto.com

The present contract will be interpreted by French legislation on contracts passed and performed in France. In the event of objection to the present contract, the parties will call exclusively upon the courts of law of Paris.