Patrick Forget

Photography had always been his passion, so when he turned 30, Patrick Forget decided to make it his job. In 1992, he began collaborating with the Explorer Agency, which today has evolved into Hoa Qui.
In 1994, he began working with Gallimard publishing creating an extensive series of books on tourism. Up to now, he published several books for Sélection du Rider’s Digest, Atlas, les éditions Pompiers de France, Michel Lafon and Hachette.
His work has been displayed in such prestigious locations as the Senate of France, The French National Agriculture Show and the Carousel at the Louvre.
He start supplying photography to the press in 1993 with Fireman of France Magazine and then going on to work regularly with Figaro Magazine on their travel sections, as well as Le Point, Historia, Ca m’intéresse, Sciences & Vie, Le Vif / L’ Express, VSD…
In addition, Patrick Forget has photographed and produced corporate projects : Ad Litteram, AVIVA, BASF, CDT d’Eure-et-Loir, Chocolaterie Michel Cluizel, Exposium, GMF, SIAL…

Contact : / Tel : 00 33 6 80 41 24 68
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Stéphane Gautier

With a passion for social issues and documentary reporting, Stephane Gautier has photographed profound images of the many problems of today’s world. His interest in the daily life of the less fortunate has pushed his work in this direction.

In 1996, he joined the staff of the Parisian agency EDITING, and for 5 years covered the French political, social and economic news for many magazines and newspapers.

Today as a freelance photographer, he covers corporate projects, institutional assignments, feature stories for the press, and special editions.

Contact : / Tel : 00 33 6 11 86 46 76

Bruno Compagnon

Bruno Compagnon discovered photography and the enjoyments of the darkroom in 1985.

Professional photographer since 1988, he always had the passion of the rural world where he was born. His first photographic work lead him in the universe of cattle merchants.

After several collaborations in the press, he integrates the professional press group photo service REUSSIR, specialized in agriculture.

During nearly 10 years, this photo-journalist reporter will photograph the various facets of the agricultural world and will set up the agricultural picture library of the editorial staff. This picture library feeds the various newspapers of the group.
It is during these years that he starts the story of all the bovine species. This tour of France will last more than one year for this lover of the cows photos.

In 2000, Bruno Compagnon resumes his independence and since, he crosses the countryside and photographs his passion: the rural world.

Contact : / Tel : 00 33 6 08 62 16 11
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Antoine Le Bléavec

Reporter photographer, globe-trotter, founder member of the agency Saga Photo and the person in charge media of the editorial studies of the group Prisma Media (Gruner+Jahr/Bertelsmann). He collaborates in parallel with of big enterprises and institutions in editorial advice and organization of picture library. Through his journeys, Antoine tries hard to show and to report stories of life for the press magazine and the edition.

Contact : / Tel : 00 33 6 32 51 87 05

Nicolas Bryant

Contact : / Tel : 00 33 6 71 21 96 21
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Chantal Casanova

Contact : / Tel : 00 33 6 12 48 84 45
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Guy Humeau

Contact : / Tel : 00 33 7 78 51 02 44

Olivier Roux

After a press photographer training, Olivier Roux is in the armed forces in the Fleet Air Arm as SIRPA correspondent. Ten months later, he begins to work for the press and photographs the actors of the economic and industrial world. At the same time, he realizes subjects magazine where he approaches among others the relationship of the man with the wild world and the environment. He also collaborates with the agency Explorer become today Hoa Qui.

Today, he turned towards the " Wine Planet ". Every year, he carries out the special issues wine for LeFigaro Magazine and Le Journal du Dimanche. In 2005, he signs the photos of the book "Savoir goûter le vin" with Enrico Bernardo, world Master Sommelier 2004 published by Plon. This work is the first issue of a special edition series on the world of the wine.

At the same time, he always navigates between the subjects magazine, the photography corporate and the portraits for press magazine (Capital, Management …).

Contact : / Tel : 00 33 6 13 64 24 10
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