ANIMAL / Ferocious dogs, outlaw hounds

Since ten years ago, fifteen or so children and senior citizens have been killed and hundreds others injured by dangerous animals. Their names? Rottweiler, Pit bull, Boerbull, Mastiff…

Text :Hervé Jouanneau - Photos : Stéphane Gautier

ANIMAL / The new pets, a zoo under surveillance

The urban jungle is sometimes aptly named: serpents, spiders, carnivorous lizards and monkeys have replaced good old Rover in the heart of many French people. These new style pets, often of exotic origin, sometimes break out and can prove to be dangerous for those they find in their path.
Text : Hugues Demeude - Photos : P. Forget / S. Gautier

AUBRAC / Transhumance, en route to the summer pastures

Since ancient times, with the arrival of summer, farmers move their herd to the mountain pastures. Today, the tradition continues and the transhumance has even become a popular fête.

Texte : Patrick Forget - Photos : B. Compagnon, P. Forget

AUTRICHE / Vienna, seductive in its contradictions

Expressive and underground. Historic and fashionable. Vienna likes to contradict itself and takes us into its paradox. The city of the Habsburgs exposes its ancient prestige. Superb avenues, imposing palaces, spectacular architecture…

Text : Yoanna Sultan - Photos : Stéphane Gautier

BASQUE COUNTRY / The art of living, a way of life

Across from the pretty little town hall in Guéthary, the players dressed in white play the traditional Basque pelota. For the Basque Country has a strength: its culture is rich enough that outside influences have not altered it.

Text : Yoanna Sultan - Photos : Stéphane Gautier

BELGIUM / Brussels, a comic strip setting

Going beyond the Manneken-Pis and the European Parliament, Brussels is full of riches! Discover the capital of Europe while meandering from the Grand Place to the little streets straight out of Hergé’s imaginative world...

Text : Yoanna Sultan - Photos : Stéphane Gautier

BIARRITZ / The imperial city

Who would believe that Biarritz the Fashionable was just four centuries ago a simple little port, from where the sailors left to hunt whales in the Bay of Biscay.
If the city offers you many facets, only one star guides its history: the ocean.

Text : Yoanna Sultan - Photos : Stéphane Gautier

Bordeaux / Mirror, am I still the fairest of all?

The Water Mirror reflects the buildings on the Place de la Bourse. This symbol of the city combines modernity and the richness of its heritage. In the last 20 years, Bordeaux has given itself a face-lift. Gone are the building façades blackened by pollution. The city center has transformed itself, to the point of becoming a model of the good life. Feature : Patrick Forget

BOURGES / Born under the sign of the arts

Evocative of a stroll in the historic center and some of the dishes and local sweets of the Berry not to be missed when in Bourges. In a charming High Middle Ages maze, hundreds of timbered buildings have been preserved.

Text : Gaelle Redon - Photos : Patrick Forget

BURGUNDY/ between vineyards and canals

For those dreaming of a meeting between Bacchus and Neptune, Burgundy is the ideal place. Here, the realm of water shares the land with the empire of wine; the Wine Road intermingles with the Burgundy Canal.

Text : Yoanna Sultan - Photos : P. Forget / S. Gautier